Monday, February 25, 2008

ボストンで生む人のための出産ガイド 9 (文例 分娩のために用意した文書例)

Dear Staff, 

I’m Hanako!         123 45 67 8

Yamada Hanako
DOB 66/10/10
G3P1, SVD x1-2070g (SGA,38W) in 2000
Illnesses (present & past) N.P.
Current Medication None, no allergies to drugs and foods

My 1st delivery took only 7 hours without any inductive and pain relief agents.

Will you do those in routines? :Enemas? Shaving the area?

Episiotomy: If possible I want to avoid the episiotomy.
Could you please massage and protect when I am pushing?

Epidural anesthesia
I would like to have Epidural anesthesia, though I am anxious about overdose. Sometimes the recommended dosage for normal adults is too much for me, because my body weight before my pregnancy was only 40kg.

Breastfeeding I would like to breastfeed my baby. Let me try, please.

English is my second language, so please help me to cooperate with you.

Thank you in advance.

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